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I know you have questions!  I’ve worked to capture many of the common ones here and will add more as they arise.  See if any of the answers here are helpful for your inquiry.

Q:  How do I sign up for Classes?

A:  Currently, due to COVID-19, I am offering all of my classes virtually, via Zoom.  While I occasionally host one-on-one classes via my own personal account, general classes are offered in partnerships with regional folk schools, and the Zoom event is hosted on their account.  On my upcoming class listings (either on this website or the Erindale Facebook page), click the accompanying web link to be redirected to the signup page on the folk school’s website that is hosting that specific class.  In order to participate in the class, please make sure that you register in time, as there is typically a two-week gap between when registration closes and the class takes place.  This buffer allows me enough time to assemble and ship the project kit to you!

Q:  I can’t find the Zoom link for my upcoming class.  What should I do?

A:  If you are signed up for a class that is being hosted by a folk school, they are responsible for sending you the Zoom link.  This is often included in your confirmation email that was generated when you enrolled (you may have to check your spam file).  If you cannot find that email, please contact the school and have the link resent to you.  Many folk schools are now sending reminder emails before class, with the link included.  If all else fails, please reach out via the contact the artist form, and I will do my very best to find you the link.  If class has already started, I will not be checking my email or answering the phone, so please call the folk school host.

Q:  What is an appropriate age for children to participate in one of your classes?

A:  For projects like beginner level needle felting classes, please no younger than 8, and even then there should be an adult helper present.  I was once begged to accept a 6-year-old student so she could join her older sister, but she was not ready for the skills or attention investment in a three-hour project with sharp objects.  Of course, any age number is an estimate as children mature differently, but it seems that 11 and up has been the golden group for my youth students.  Some folk schools have restrictions on ages that can register (especially register alone), so it would be good practice to check with the host school as well.  I’ve had numerous mother-daughter duos sign up together, which has made the class a great family endeavor without the parent needing to “take over” the child’s project.

Q:  I wanted to sign up for one of your classes, but when I went to register, it had already filled.  What are my options?

A:  It’s always best practice to sign up for classes right away, as they do fill up.  First, I would suggest signing up for the waiting list, as often when this collects enough names, the folk school will invite me to host a second class to accommodate the waiting list (schedules permitting).  If this is not an option, you can purchase the kit for the project on my farm’s e-store and make it on your own.  While you will not have access to the live Zoom class, you will still have access to my pre-recorded tutorial, which will walk you step-by-step through the entire process.  If you do not see the kit for the desired project listed on the e-store, it may still be in development.  Please use the contact the artist form to let me know you would be interested in purchasing a kit (and please let me know the project of interest) once it become available.

Q:  I need more [felting needles, wool, yarn, foam, etc.].  How can I acquire these?

A:  The Resource page in this Student Corner is going to be your best place to check for sourcing more materials!  I update this regularly.  Some of these items might also be available in your local craft store, but the links provided on the Resource page will connect you with the same items that were included in your project kit or named on your materials list.  Using the same tools and wool that I am using in the class or tutorial will help you have a better user experience all around, as tool and wool quality can vary widely from different retailers.

Q:  I need to have materials shipped to me, but your farm’s website doesn’t have shipping as a line item.  How does this process work?

A:  My family’s farm (North Star Homestead Farms) is my preferred e-store host.  You can find the greatest variety of project kits, patterns, supplies, and Erindale Tapestry Studio creations all in one place there!  However, we don’t have the website budget of Amazon for all the fancy plug-ins that make pre-calculating shipping a breeze.  Our current options were going to be clunky and expensive for everyone.  Instead, I will watch for your order that needs to be shipped, then pack it and calculate the shipping cost.  I will then be in touch with you about this cost via the preferred method you indicated (phone, text, or email), as we will have to run this charge as a separate transaction (the payment method you used on the website previously is not accessible for security reasons).  I can either finalize the shipping payment over the phone or email you an invoice.  Then I will be able to send your special package on its way!

If you would rather see up-front what shipping costs, you can purchase select kits and products via my Etsy shop.  Etsy takes their cut of the sale, so prices will likely vary from those listed on my farm’s e-store.

Q:  I purchased a needle felting kit some time ago, but when I went to access the video tutorial, it asked me for a password.  I don’t have a password.  What should I do?

A:  Starting in 2020, I transitioned my video hosting from YouTube to Vimeo, in part so that you could enjoy an add-free experience!  This transition also allowed me to add password protection to the videos.  All new kits come with the password included, but if yours was created before this transition, I am still happy to give it to you.  Please call me at 715-462-3453 or use the contact the artist page to reach out, and I will respond as soon as physically possible.  Please respect that there is great effort put into making these videos and only request access to videos that correspond with the kit(s) you have purchased.  Because these kits are sold across multiple online platforms and retail shops, contacting everyone who purchased kits before the transitions would have been nearly impossible.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as I make this transition.

Alternately, if you already had plenty of materials but are wishing to just have access to the tutorials, purchasing permission is now available through my farm’s e-store for many of the videos, with more on the way!  Learn more and see availability here.

Still have questions not covered here?  Please use the contact the artist form to send me a note, and I’ll be sure to answer!

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