Floor Loom Weaving

threading loom

Welcome to my studio’s page for Floor Loom Weaving tutorials.  I’ve been weaving for over 20 years in a great variety of techniques. Because weaving comes from so many cultures throughout history, your background in technique or terminology may be different, but this is an effort to share what I have learned and techniques that I use as an artist.  Some of the tutorials may be more general and be used by more than one course, while others will be specific to a particular topic.  Happy weaving!


Knots for Weavers

Using a Warping Board

Warping with Angel Wings

Warping Alone

Tie Ups for Twill

Fixing Threading Errors

Floating Selvedges

Tying to the Cloth Beam

Starter Fill

Fill Between Projects

Below are Tutorials for Specific Projects

rosepath rag rug

Rosepath Rag Rug

Threading a Point Twill

Weaving the Header

Plain Weave Rag Rug

Rosepath Rag Rug

Finishing Rag Rug