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felting demo

Photo by Bryan French

Whether you are ready to make your kit or are taking a class or course, this is your landing page to find the tutorial resources you seek!  You’re in the right place, but my list of tutorials has grown so extensive that I’ve had to split them into genres and skill levels, so it’s easier for you to find yours.

Use the links below to find your tutorials by medium. This will redirect you to a page where the tutorials will be organized vertically.  Scroll until you see the title and image that matches your kit or class, and your video(s) will be DIRECTY BELOW the image.  Use the password that accompanies your kit or class to unlock the tutorial.  Basic safety and technique or other shared tutorials that do not require a password will be at the top of the page.

If you have trouble locating your tutorial, I am happy to help.  Please use the “Contact the Artist” page to reach out or call me at 715-462-3453

Needle Felting–Beginner Level

(If your needle felting kit is not marked as Continuing Beginner or Intermediate, it’s Beginner Level)

Needle Felting–Continuing Beginner Level

Needle Felting–Intermediate Level

Needle Felting–Painting with Wool

Scandinavian Loom Beading


Punch Needle Rug Hooking

Tapestry Weaving

Nature-Inspired Art


Due to COVID-19, Laura is not currently offering in-person classes at this time.  However, she is excited to be offering classes via Zoom!  The best way to stay abreast of all the available Zoom clsses with Laura is through the Erindale Tapestry Studio monthly newsletter.  Find the archive and ability to sign up here.

Interested in individualized Zoom lessons?  With mediums from crochet to tapestry weaving, needle felting to punch needle rug hooking, Laura would be happy to discuss your interests and options.  Laura believes in the human necessity of creating with our hands and the critical nature of keeping traditional skills alive.  Please use the contact page as a way to begin a dialogue towards your learning goals.

cardinal demo

Photo by Bryan French

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