Scandinavian Loom Beading

Welcome to my studio’s page for Scandinavian Loom Beading.  I’m so excited to be offering this new medium!  Here is where you can find the tutorials that accompany your course and kit.   Check back as new videos are added.  Happy Beading!

Scandinavian Loom Beading, Level 1

Level 1 projects come in a variety of colors and designs.  In these tutorials, I’ll be working with one of those designs.  Follow the pattern in your kit and use these tutorials as a helpful reference when making your project.

loom beading blue loom beading red loom beading green

Knots for Weavers

Warping a Beading Loom

First Beading Row

Making a Header

Reading a Pattern

Bead, Bead, Bead!

Stopping and Starting Thread

Final Header

Finishing the Bookmark


Scandinavian Loom Beading, Level 2

Level 2 focuses on making bracelets.  In these tutorials, I’ll be working with one of the included designs.

loom beading level 2

Warping the Loom

First Row, No Header

Beading with Fine Beads

Beading Nuances and Loki

Stopping and Starting Thread

Final Row and Taking Off

Assembling Bracelet Ends

Burying Warps and Attaching Bar Ends