Tapestry Weaving

Welcome to my studio’s page for tapestry weaving.  These tutorials are companions to courses and kits offered.  Depending on the project, you may be utilizing a variety of these shorter videos to help you start and complete your project.  Scroll down through the titles to find the ones that correspond with your course handout.  The video you seek will be directly below its title.  Happy weaving!

Knots for Weavers

Ergonomics for Small Format Tapestry

Introduction to Tapestry Weaving, Level 1

intro to tapestry

Assembling a Frame Loom

Tying the Weaver’s Knot

Warping a Frame Loom

Weaving Straight Rows

Weaving Coal Mining

Working Soumak Technique

Stepped Comb Motif

Weaving Angles

Hills and Valleys

Hatching Shading

Hills and Valleys Part 2

Finishing the Tapestry


Introduction to Tapestry Weaving, Level 2

tapestry level 2

Warping with Selvedge

Making a Butterfly


Double Interlock

Gobelin Slit


Square Dovetailing

Pointed Dovetailing

Stepped Mesa Motif

Star Motif, Part 1

Star Motif, Part 2

Star Motif, Part 3

Star Motif, Part 4

Star Motif, Part 5

Finishing with Selvedge


Introduction to Tapestry Weaving, Level 3

tapestry 3

Warping with Wool

Stitching the Cartoon

Eccentric Weft

Complex Hills and Valleys

Using a Batten

Pointed Dovetailing on Warbler

Covering Visible Warps

Managing Backgrounds

Using a Tapestry Bobbin

Hatchures and Thin Outlining

Managing Floats

Aubusson Shading

The Owl’s Face

Soumak Nest

Tufting Methods

Beading and Embroidery

Soumak Outlining

Floats on the Front

Finishing: Header

Finishing: Burying Tails

Finishing: Sewing Slits

Finishing: Steaming

Finishing: Edges


As It Was Taught to Me

Fran Potter style loom

Over Spinning the Warp

Plying the Twining

Measuring the Warp

Top and Bottom Twining

Lashing the Twining

Preserving the Cross

Lashing the Loom

Tensioning the Warp

Tying the Side Twining

Making the Heddles