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Laura in yurtLaura Berlage is a contemporary “Renaissance woman,” with an array of interests and mediums.  But it is the interconnections and overlaps of disciplines where her real passions lie.  “It’s like working with a 3-D puzzle when the box has long since been lost.  Each time a new understanding or idea clicks into place, there is a real joy” Laura explains.  “Interdisciplinarity takes down the silos of thought, study, and expression that so often cage our perspectives.”  Through her multi-faceted expression with fibers, Laura layers story, culture, joy, tradition, mystery, color, and additional aspects of the human condition into the warp and weft of her work.

“Often what I’m really striving for is the expression of an idea or story and gravitate towards the medium that feels best suited for delivery of the message,” Laura says.  This expression most often takes the form of music, narrative (performative and written), or textiles and fibers–or even a full combination of all three.

Erindale Tapestry Studio is reflective of the whole triune of engagement but especially encompasses the textile component.  Tucked on her family’s Century Farm in rural, northern Wisconsin is her studio yurt, which houses several of Laura’s 15 different looms for textile production.  yurtWith an amazingly spacious feel for a 16-foot diameter structure and with plenty of natural lighting, the yurt offers a sanctuary for creative imagination and production.  Occasionally, tours are available to visit this space and see works in progress.

This site is designed to share Laura’s latest projects, research, methodologies, and aesthetic musings, as well as provide a landing and launch space for sharing methodologies.  Enjoy!

Academic credentials:
MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts, Goddard College (2011)
BA in Creative Writing and Performing Arts, Vermont College of Union Institute and University (2008).


Emily Moe, Moe Sew Co. Millinery (2018)
Amy Oxford, Oxford School of Punch Rug Hooking (2015)
Fran Potter, Traditional Navajo Weaving (1999-2005)

punching unicorn rug

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