Thoughts on Creating “Developing a Designer’s Eye” Course

“Take care of the being, and the doing takes care of itself.” ~Ann Berlage (my amazing mom) Venturing into the world of design can feel like a forest (or a minefield) of rules.  Do this, don’t do that…  This, compared with the nearly endless panoply of possibilities can leave you feeling frozen, confused, or intimidated […]

New Projects for a New Year

rosepath rug weaving

The New Year is here, and with it a chance to start something new.  In my fiber arts studio, I’m always excited to start new projects (indeed, works in progress are everywhere around here!) as well as share them virtually in Zoom classes. Earlier this winter, students were nudging me to offer floor loom instruction […]

Hygge Through the Holidays

When you’re little, the holiday season can seem wondrously magical—festive music playing everywhere, sparkling decorations, all sorts of wonderful foods and treats, and presents!  As you grow older, some of that magic is replaced with obligations and running here and there to this and that, making sure that everything is in order and that everyone […]

Return of the Yarn

yarn stash

It feels like an age ago that it was spring shearing time.  Like now, the mornings were chilly but the sun was bright.  The sheep were poofy fluff balls, ready to take off their winter coats in preparation for summer. For days, I’d worked through the mountains of raw, sticky wool, sorting and pulling out […]

Nurturing a Creative Lifestyle

felted hummingbird

Creativity is a beautiful part of being human.  It enriches our lives and the lives of those around us.  Yet, creativity can also be as elusive as a shy creature, leaving us wondering how to tempt it from the shadows.  If you find yourself yearning for more creativity in your life, here are some helpful […]

Introducing Tapestry Prompts

tapestry yarn

 I have many great memories over writing prompts with my wordy friends.  We’d all gather up prompts (as simple as a single word like “red” or as nuanced as “the way the light comes in through the window”) and tuck them all into a basket.  Then we’d pull one out and, without overthinking the […]

Building a Tapestry Pedagogy

Laura Weaving

It was late summer of 1998, and I was just about to turn 13, when my mom asked me if an enrichment course through the Madison Area Technical College on Navajo tapestry weaving might be of interest.  We had just begun our homeschooling adventures together, transitioning from Montessori schools to our own version of Montessori-infused […]

A Mountain of Wool

Laura with wool

Chris’ telltale greenish-gray truck pulls into the barnyard early in the morning as we’re doing chores.  Shearing season once again has arrived on the farm, and the 120-odd sheep are ready.  As the temperatures tentatively climb out of the deep freeze, their heavy wool coats will soon be too intense for their comfort. In the […]

The Art of Repurposing

crochet basket

There’s an old green trailer on our farm, reworked by some creative soul from the back end of an old pickup truck.  It hangs out next to the garage, out of the way of the snowplow.  A few years ago, we had the idea to load it up with the various pieces of scrap metal […]

Healing Through Our Hands


Healing Through Our Hands Recently, my indigenous friends on social media have been sharing a beautiful sentiment from their cultures.  As a creative maker, gardener, and tender of the earth, these thoughts resonated with me personally, and I wanted to share them with you. “Grandma, how do you deal with pain?” “With your hands, dear.  […]