In Memory: Fran Potter

Fran and Laura with tapestry

People can come into your life at magical, meaningful times, and this was certainly true of my relationship with Fran Potter.  I was just embarking on the transition from Montessori school to unschool homeschooling—a learning adventure for which my mom was the great champion.  As a family physician, she was confident in teaching math and […]

The Practice of Color

design with yarn wraps

This month, I’ve been deep into the writing process of part 4 of my design course:  Color Fluency.  Here is a snippet of that work I wanted to share with you. The common focus on teaching color as theory can leave the creative mind feeling like they’ve been handed a whole bunch of rules they […]

Introducing: The Story in the Image

finished tapestry

Excerpt from Writings for the Next Episode of my Design Course There’s a light post in a dense forest.  It’s winter, and snowflakes are gently catching in your hair as you climb through the backside of a forgotten wardrobe… Grandmother is looking mighty peculiar with her long ears, large eyes, and sharp teeth as she […]

Fundamentals of Composition: Journey and Pedagogy

lady and unicorn

“Always leave something off the page,” ~Madeline Sattler, my art teacher Certain memorable people touch us on our creative journey, and we will never forget them.  This is certainly true of key artistic mentors on my path, including tapestry weaver Fran Potter (many of you have likely heard me tell stories about Fran!) and my […]

Embracing the Creative Journey

My first run of “Developing a Designer’s Eye” recently wrapped up, offering an immersive invitation to liberate our creative souls.  Many of the students who participated I’ve now known for more than a year, and to watch them blossom and explore through this journey together was both beautiful and inspiring. Through the 5-minute timed writing […]

Writing to Access Our Creativity

This week launched the first of five segments of my courses in design.  “Developing a Designer’s Eye” is all about embracing the creative journey and lifestyle, which is both astoundingly beautiful and tough inner work. As part of our first Zoom gatherings, I invited the students to use Natalie Goldberg’s tried-and-true method of the timed […]

Reframing Our Relationship with Discipline

I can hear the groan even on mute during a recent Zoom meeting with fellow tapestry weavers and members of the Weaver’s Guild of Minnesota.  We’re choosing our theme for our next Sunday evening gathering, coming up in March.  The discussion prompt I’ve just tossed on the table is on creating a daily practice and […]

Thoughts on Creating “Developing a Designer’s Eye” Course

“Take care of the being, and the doing takes care of itself.” ~Ann Berlage (my amazing mom) Venturing into the world of design can feel like a forest (or a minefield) of rules.  Do this, don’t do that…  This, compared with the nearly endless panoply of possibilities can leave you feeling frozen, confused, or intimidated […]

New Projects for a New Year

rosepath rug weaving

The New Year is here, and with it a chance to start something new.  In my fiber arts studio, I’m always excited to start new projects (indeed, works in progress are everywhere around here!) as well as share them virtually in Zoom classes. Earlier this winter, students were nudging me to offer floor loom instruction […]

Hygge Through the Holidays

When you’re little, the holiday season can seem wondrously magical—festive music playing everywhere, sparkling decorations, all sorts of wonderful foods and treats, and presents!  As you grow older, some of that magic is replaced with obligations and running here and there to this and that, making sure that everything is in order and that everyone […]