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      Laura Berlage

      punch needle classLet’s be honest:  teaching online is no cakewalk.  It’s so much more than just turning on a camera and doing what you’ve always done in your classroom.

      Throughout this course, I’ll be focusing on numerous facets of what can turn confusion into success, questions into strategies, and obstacles into solutions.  However, it is important for you to spend time considering the challenges specific to your teaching practice and medium.  Take this time to ask yourself questions and concerns.  We can use these as fuel for meaningful discussion during the course.

      You may already have a list of challenges already at hand!  If so, please share them here.

      If not, here are some things to ask yourself:

      • How will I best facilitate online learning?
      • How will I know students are learning the material?
      • How will I connect students with my offerings?
      • What skills or equipment will I need to teach online?

      This space is for you to voice your questions or concerns, so we make sure to address them in the weeks ahead.

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