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      Laura Berlage

      Every educator brings something special to the table, something that is uniquely theirs.

      Perhaps you love travel and can speak to the backstory of your medium and where it comes from.

      Perhaps you love history and folklore and can spin tales that have influenced or infuse their way into your medium.

      Perhaps you love plants and animals and can teach students about the characters they’re making.

      Perhaps you love communicating with color and symbols and have a rich understanding of how these work in your medium.

      Notice that all of these examples include that you LOVE something.  By this I mean you are passionate about it, you could talk about it all day, easy.  This is your strength, you “slant,” something to lean into in your practice.  If it’s truly your passion, you can return to the well again and again and find it never runs dry for you.  If it’s truly your passion and you harness it, this can become the deep well that brings your students back time and again as well.

      If you are uncertain about what you “slant” within your discipline(s) might be, ask yourself these questions:

      • What aspect of what you teach gets you the most excited?
      • What is the FIRST thing you want folks to know about what you do in your medium?
      • What keeps you interested in your medium as a form of expression?
      • Where do you turn to look for inspiration, and what are you looking for?
      • Spend some time asking yourself WHY.  Dig deep, embrace introspection here.

      What pops forward for you with these exercises?  If you have an active teaching practice already, how have you seen your passions slant your teaching style or themes?  How can you further lean into these or draw them forward within an online environment?

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