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      Steve Barnes

      House Rules for participating in Erindale Tapestry Studio Forums:

      Be Kind.  Everyone is on a journey, each journey is unique, and everyone is valued.  Negative energy should be pointed elsewhere, please.

      Be Honest, but also be kind.  We’re not here for flattery, but there’s plenty of criticism in this world already.  Let’s uplift each other in real ways.

      Be Community.  Creativity is a journey, and let’s be in that journey together.  No one is trying to out-do or compete with each other.  We are here as friends.  Be a creative ally.

      Be Inspired.  When someone achieves, celebrate with them.  We all do better when we all do better.  Find the sympathetic joy and inspiration in each other.

      Be Flexible.  Everyone is working at a different level.  People will have different senses of aesthetic or posess different abilities.  Creative community has room for many forms of expression and interest.

      Be Curious.  Let’s delve deeper into expression and meaning-making together!  Ask big questions–and little ones.  Share what inspires you.  Savour learning.

      Be an Example.  Share the energy you wish to receive.  Embrace that we can each choose how to engage and respond, rather than react.  Remember that intent is harder to read without body language, so we should each choose our words to the best of our abilities.

      Be Yourself.  You are welcome here, just as you are!  Let’s walk together, explore, create, and make a difference in this world.  Let’s liberate the creative soul.

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