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      Laura Berlage

      The diversity of supplemental materials I’ve developed for my classes has, in part, been spurred by student feedback.  The value of these resources as well as my approach to meeting the needs of a diversity of learners shines through in course reviews.  Here are some things that students have written.  For privacy, the identity of these students has been ommitted.

      “Laura goes out of her way to explain the concepts of tapestry weaving and uses many different tools to bring her ideas across. All learning styles are being practiced.”

      “The instructor has videos and printed materials supporting the class time – these are invaluable.”

      “I love all the different strategies Laura shares (the in-class instruction, extra videos, and detailed written instructions). Also, her stories are great, a really lovely part of each class.”

      “Laura provided a variety of methods for accessing the material. She sent complete kits to each student, provided videos of specific content, provided written descriptions of the content, and recorded each session for students who may have missed a class.”

      “The photo-essay, videos and Laura’s use of the cameras.  The white board illustrations, examples that she shared pictures of.  It was all good.”

      “Demonstrating the piece live is very helpful.  That combined with the videos on Laura’s website make the process easy to do independently in the virtual setting. ”

      “Laura’s instructions (written, video and live) are very detailed and are done in a way that has allowed me to be successful in every class or kit I have done.  I have been blown away by what I was able to create. ”

      “The pace of this class was very good.  Having classes weekly allows time between to practice the skill without feeling pressure to keep up with everyone else.  It takes away some of the stress I feel with in person classes because there isn’t a deadline for completion.”

      Inspired?  How do these reviews help you consider additional support materials for your class?  I’m interested in your thoughts and questions.

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