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      Laura Berlage

      You may already have vision and mission statements for your edupreneurial practice, but if you don’t PLEASE take a moment to define these.  They will help you retain focus as well as practice the “why” and “what/how” of your efforts as a freelance educator in the arts.  For many creatives, this is work we actively try to avoid, but as you are going to need to “sell” your skills to host organizations and students, having this down in a very clear way will be essential for communication and branding.

      If you are not familiar with vision and mission statements or are looking for ideas for crafting them, there are tons of resources, but here’s a helpful one:

      Vision statements are you “why”–why you get up in the morning and stay dedicated to what you do, what you believe in.  Here is an example:

      “Erindale Tapestry Studio:  Liberating the Creative Soul”

      Notice how this leaves the field of what/how I chase this vision wide open!  This is excellent as my passions are in many mediums and forms of expression.

      For a mission statement:

      “Encouraging learning through engaged, hands-on teaching for small groups to encourage creativity, imagination, and expression.”

      This one focuses in closer on being an educator, stating with greater clarity my what and how.  Every few years, it’s important to revisit your mission statement, as this may change and grow with you.  Ideally, your vision statement, your “north star” should remain true, while you may adapt how you choose to chase your vision.

      I’d love to hear the vision and mission statements you use or create!

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      Vision Statement:
      To have an active fiber art community in South Central Texas that includes punch needle in the style of the Oxford Punch Needle Rug Hooking School.

      Mission Statement:
      Create a more robust and diverse fiber art community in the Hill Country that is defined by the inclusion of punch needle by introducing the craft, tools, supplies and artistry to local fiber artists through artwork display, demonstrations, classes, and workshops.

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