Joyful Lifelong Learning

I’m not much for watching TV, as you might have surmised.  The few winter evenings we do watch a program, it’s almost always a documentary, preempted by someone calling out, “Let’s learn something!” Learning, in our house, was not something you did only during school hours—it was a part of everyday life that was encouraged […]

The Yurt is Back!


I would not fit well into a tiny house.  For one thing, I own 15 different weaving looms—in all shapes and sizes.  Floor looms, upright tapestry looms, table looms, a triangular shawl loom, round looms, Navajo looms…they all serve to create different types of textiles and are part of my growing assembly of looms available […]

The Yurt is Attacked!

inside yurt

From my weekly column “Down on the Farm” Living with nature can be a beautiful, peaceful experience, but not always.  Some weeks, it can feel like the farm is under attack, and this was one of them. It started on Friday, when I left Farmstead right after closing time and all the delicious to-go dinners […]

Developing a New Model for Teaching Fiber Arts

Duluth folk school

Developing a New Model for Teaching Fiber Arts Until Spring of 2020 I had spend years immersed in an “in person” fiber arts teaching schedule, with needle felting classes on Saturdays, Painting with Wool felting classes on Sundays, two-day weaving intensives, and many Fridays travel teaching to folk schools for felting and punch needle rug […]

Studio Tour: Step Inside My Yurt


Studio Tour: Step Inside My Yurt For 16 years, my yurt has been and still is my treasured tapestry studio space. I filmed this tour for you, so you can step inside and look around. Join me! As a creative person, do you ever struggle to create that “room of your own” for your […]

Tapestry Progress: Zen Cranes

tapestry detail

Tapestry Progress: Zen Cranes Weaving, for me, is a practice. There is a zen state in my studio yurt–a peaceful sacredness that has a different resonance from our home of at Farmstead Creamery. In the yurt, there is quiet stillness, the sounds of the wind and the birds, and the gentle rustle and thump […]

Warping a New Tapestry

3 cranes photo

Erindale Tapestry Studio, partnering with Kathy Bishop Photography, will be hosting a joint art showing title “A Thread Runs Through It” at the Duluth Folk School in early 2021.  The capstone piece is a collaboration where I am interpreting a beautiful photograph by Kathy Bishop of three Sandhill cranes wading in the water as a […]