Healing Through Our Hands


Healing Through Our Hands Recently, my indigenous friends on social media have been sharing a beautiful sentiment from their cultures.  As a creative maker, gardener, and tender of the earth, these thoughts resonated with me personally, and I wanted to share them with you. “Grandma, how do you deal with pain?” “With your hands, dear.  […]

The Joy of Making Christmas Presents

felted dog

Shopping…it has never been a family favorite.  As far back as I can remember, Mom would remark how she loathed shopping.  We’d even challenge each other to see how fast we could breeze through a store for the items we were after! Our holiday gifting to each other is customarily ever-so-practical:  new chore boots, insulated […]

More Images from the Varpapuu Loom

loom pieces

More Images from the Varpapuu Loom The adventure continues in the restoration of the Finnish tapestry loom, gifted to me by weaver Christine Hensolt.  There were so many bits and pieces, and trying to determine what went where was quite the engineering adventure.  Fortunately, the beams had been labeled in pencil to note which went […]

Restoring a Varpapuu Tapestry Loom

Christine and Friends

You really never know what a day will bring.  On a otherwise ordinary July day, a group of ladies arrived for lunch at Farmstead Creamery, led by Jane (pictured center) one of the authors who’d be featured in our Spoken Word series.  Along for the adventure was Christine Hensolt (pictured right), originally from Germany.  Farmstead […]